• Portrait d’un Alumni : Vahram Muratyan

Portrait d’un Alumni : Vahram Muratyan

9 avril 2018

I want to try to grasp why New York attract me so much and why i miss paris when i’m in New York, and vice versa. like a pendulum, i try to assess the differences… it was declaring my love of New York.

Vahram Muratyan is a French graphic artist, creative director and author of visual books. In 2010, during a long stay in New York, Vahram launched his first blog, Paris versus New York, a tally of two cities. More than 5 millions visits later online, Vahram shows this series at colette and The Standard, the book Paris versus New York becomes an international best-seller, (translated and launched in the US, France, Brazil, Italy, Germany, South Korea & Japan) while the prints and postcards are shipped worldwide. After many years developing his visual op-eds in M le magazine du Monde, Vahram works with magazines, collaborates with Prada, Dior and Longchamp. His second book, About Time a visual memoir around the clock, is a celebration of how we spend our fast & curious lives.

Always keen to new concepts and ideas, ready to spice up an elegant take on Parisian culture with a touch of irony and affectionate eccentricity, the artist divides his time between his studio in Paris, a plane to New York or a connected tearoom in Tokyo, while preparing for his next adventures in print and film.